Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sometimes I get kinda sappy and start feeling sorry for myself and how I wish I could have gone on to do awesome things straight out of high school (college). No one really explained to me that I could go to school and honestly, I probably wouldn't have cared anyway. But, because of that experience I swear I won't let that happen to Wyatt. Josh and I plan on always keeping a running conversation about school and college and his future in our house. I'm sure so many of you are the same.

BUT MONEY. HOW? Well, it's gonna cost some pennies. That's for sure.

I've run into a website that actually helps with the cost of all that stuff and I've signed up to use it. I've blogged more about it here. I hope you guys check it out because it's actually pretty genius.

I always wonder about Wyatt's future and what he's going to be into. Will he actually be interested in academics? I always joke with my husband that if I were in high school now I'd rock it. I would seriously breeze through and do all my work and get a billion scholarships. I had zero drive back then, and neither did Josh. Being a teenager is awful. I really hope that Wyatt is driven. It helps you get through those years so much.

Anyway, I know it seems silly to be thinking so much into the future like this, but I feel like it's the right thing to do. All I can see are dollar signs floating around my check book. 

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