Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hiking 4 miles with a toddler

We had a super great and challenging hike a few days ago. Actually, I'd say it was spectacular because Wyatt was in a great mood and we were able to hike far. We ended up hiking FOUR MILES with our three year old. How? I dunno. I didn't do anything special, he was just really into hiking. We sorta just went for it again and we hiked a trail that was longer and a much higher elevation. He tried to do everything himself and didn't want us to hold his hand or carry him too much (although there were times we had to, and we were of course prepared to). He was such a trooper and it was our best hike so far.

I really love taking Wyatt on these hikes and stuff because it makes him so much more well rounded. I want him to be able to adjust to strange and different situations and I only hope giving him as many experiences as I can will help.

Now I'm looking into getting Wyatt a walking stick and some hiking boots. Anyone have any suggestions for hiking gear for 3 year olds?! Ha! On our hike we came across another hiker who was pretty astonished seeing our toddler trek along. He asked how old he was?... Either he thought we were the worst parents of all time or he was just shocked. I couldn't tell. 

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