Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moving again

It always feels weird... or maybe even tacky when I talk about moving before I've actually done it. I guess I'm always worried that I'm going to look wishy washy if we change our minds or something crazy comes up. But I can't help but to share here because moving is all I can think about. We've decided that we want to move to Arizona and we hope to do it by the end of summer. Josh has started applying for schools there, and he hopes the whole transferring process runs smoothly. It's just tricky when you use the G.I. Bill and stuff, which Josh is already using for his schooling here in SoCal.

But why are we moving? We were so excited to get to SoCal and being with family has been wonderful. I've gotten to experience a lot of things since moving here. It's honestly been so great for Wyatt. Having him around his cousins has truly made him a different kid and I would never regret that. But, it's expensive. I knew it was going to be pricey, but just hearing about how expensive a place is and then actually living it are two different things and I guess we had to learn the hard way. We had every intention of pushing through and skimping and saving, but when I try to find cheaper places to rent here it's really difficult aka I haven't actually found anything live-able and cheap. Just a quick craigslist search of Gilbert, AZ area showed us places to rent for half of what we pay here. We just can't bare to waste anymore money.

So now the process of transplanting our family begins. We're old pros by now, but it's still kinda stressful. I'm looking forward to this move though because we're hoping that Arizona could be our forever home. I'm really wanting to move to a place that I won't have to leave. Then maybe I can finally start collecting things and having roots. I'm desperate for that rooted feeling that I felt in Virginia, and I'm really hoping that Arizona will give that to us. I also want to make sure that we're more permanent since Wyatt is getting older and will be starting school soon. I don't want him moving around a bunch while in school. It's important to me that he grows up in the same town all his life.

Wish us luck!

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