Friday, May 24, 2013

Throw away your kid's toys

Have you ever been to your wits end with all the crap toys your kid has? Quite honestly, I was already at my breaking point, but I had a weird attachment to these toys. Shoot, pretty sure my husband and I almost divorced the day he took it upon himself to go through Wyatt's toys. We somehow made it through. There were some heightened emotions that day and thinking back on it, I'm really embarrassed. I was a big baby and totally lost my mind over the thought of getting rid of too much. Oh, and no toys were actually packed up and Wyatt's room remained an insanely packed, cluttered mess. So I won, but did I? I was still stressed out about his room. Poor husband... he married a bonafide crazy lady.

The thing that would bother me the most was that our kid never actually played with his toys. Never. So our answer to this would be to get him more dumb, cheap toys (Target dollar bins ya'll) because he was obviously bored with his toys. LET'S BUY MOAR!

Nope. The answer wasn't that he was bored, it was that he had way too much toys. Finally, I was feeling enlightened- I realized that all these stupid cheapo toys, that were missing parts and partially broken, were keeping him from even seeing what he had. So I locked myself in his room one day with a box of trash bags and I started filling them up. I had four large trash bags full of toys that were either too young for him, broken, or just not that interesting anymore. I sent most off with a "for free" sign outside my apartment, but some were just trash. Now we have very specific "cubbies" full of things. We have a large bin of big trucks and cars, a bin of hot wheels cars, fake tools, fake food, blocks, costumes, action figures, and fake bugs. There's some random toys here and there, but not much. When it's time to clean up, every toy is so different from the next, that it's easy to know where they go specifically. I really wanted Wyatt to learn to clean up his room properly... And now I made it way simpler for him.

BUT THE BEST THING IS THAT HE ACTUALLY PLAYS WITH HIS TOYS NOW. He has options, but not too many. It's easy for him to see what he has and to make the decision of what he'd like to play with. He can grab a book, color on his easel, or build with blocks. Everything is clean and has a place, and I'm so elated. My sanity has truly been restored. Sorry husband! You were right, I was wrong. 

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