Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Free "Ride With Me" Bicycle Printable

I haven't done a free printable in a long time, mostly because I've just been so busy and creating something for fun just for myself is sort of the last thing on my mind these days. But, I had some free time yesterday and so bam! Here's a bike printable!

I know I've mentioned before how much I love my bike, but unfortunately my bike was at my in laws ever since we've moved into our apartment last August. Thankfully, my awesome brother in law brought over our bikes as a surprise the other day and so we've been doing more family bike rides and stuff. Wyatt loves it, especially since a lot of the times we stop off at the park, or in some cases, we park hop. He's seriously the luckiest kid ever, but that's another story.

Please, feel free to download my printable! I'd love to know what you think and where you've hung it. Mine is in the kitchen because it's the room I spend the most time in (duh, food) and I want to be able to see it. To download in full resolution, click here.

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