Friday, June 14, 2013

Passive Juice Motel

This is not a sponsored post, nor was I given any product for free. I simply want to share with you a cool etsy shop that I think you all would enjoy...

Last week I bought an awesome Bill Murray t-shirt for Wyatt from Passive Juice Motel. I'm in lurve. Passive Juice Motel is a husband and wife team inspired by what seems me to be pop culture- or like they say in their shop, they're inspired by "anything around them". I happen to be a pop culture aficionado so I was stoked to find clothing for kids with pop culture icons screen printed on comfy American Apparel tees. I've been sort of explaining to Wyatt who Bill Murray is, and at least now he knows his name. All he seems to understand is that he's funny, and honestly, that's all anyone really needs to understand.

please excuse the pancake syrup on bill's nose. this was taken after breakfast.
The screen printing is done really professionally. Everything looks great on the t-shirt and Andrew and Katie of Passive Juice Motel did a top notch job. Way to go guys! Oh, and there are tote bags, pillows, and shirts for adults, too. 

I of course had a hard time settling on Bill Murray. I honestly was this close to buying the Honest Abe tee, but Bill was just calling to me. Here's all my runner ups-

1. Weezy Kids - I mean. 
2. Dreamer Kids Tee- It's never too early to learn about John Lennon! 
3. Honest- Because beard.
4. Schwartzman- guuuuhhhh

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