Sunday, June 9, 2013

We're not screwing things up

“Behind every great kid is a mom who’s pretty sure she’s screwing things up.”

I love that quote because it’s the most truest true truth I’ve ever heard. I’m constantly worrying that I’m not engaging with my kid enough, teaching him calculus (shit, I didn’t even take calculus), or getting him to eat kale chips with a smile.

But I do have a great kid.

He loves to learn about bugs, shows me how fast he can run (“Was that super fast mom? Did you see fire coming from my feet?”), and is usually very obedient in public and can totally hang with the rest of them. He’s a very cool dude and has the biggest imagination I’ve ever seen from a 3 year old. He thinks of the craziest stuff. Instead of feeling like I’m screwing every second of his life up, I’m going to congratulate myself on helping to raise a creative, loving, imaginative child. He’s a good friend to those he meets and never excludes anyone. I’m proud that I’ve taught him enough to know that making friends and socializing is awesome for him. Kids really do strive in what they are interested in- and it just so happens that mine is interested in having fun and being happy.

So next time you think you're screwing things up- stop! You know your child's strengths and those strengths are good enough. 

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