Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beer and Beauty at Benefit in Santa Monica

Beer is not always typical when you think of a girl’s night out. I know I have some awesome beer loving lady readers, and that’s awesome! But I think we can all agree it’s not the usual to hear about women getting together just to enjoy beer.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Beer and Beauty event sponsored by Goose Island Beer Company. I’m not the biggest beer lover, so I wasn’t sure how I would react. I like beer, but I’m not normally in love with it and it’s not my usual choice when I’m out. I was actually pleasantly surprised.


Goose Island Beer was truly really good. I tried all of their sister beers- Madame Rose 2012, Lolita 2010, Juliet 2010, Sofie, and Matilda. I have to say they were so lovely and something I can see myself drinking in the future. I’m not a fancy beer connoisseur so I’m going to spare you the fancy schpiel as if I know what I’m even talking about, but the beer tasted good, and that I do know. They were all different, but some had hints of blackberry, raspberry, and citrus and you could really taste it without thinking, “this is a chick beer”. Like I said, my palate isn’t super sophisticated, but I know I liked it.


The Beer and Beauty event was held at Benefit Brow Bar in Santa Monica, which was so fun! We were all pampered a little bit (I had my eyebrows waxed and make up done) and for a mom that doesn’t really get out, or at least not out without a kid in tow, it was pretty much heavenly. I was really ecstatic that I got to go with two awesome blogging friends, Julie and Liz. Benefit gave us gift cards to shop and I was able to get some really great concealer and brow make up. I was helped through the whole process of buying my Benefit products and the stylists were super accommodating. I felt like I learned something, which was desperately needed because I am awful at make up.


On top of all of this beer and make up, we were all fortunate enough to indulge in delicious chocolates from Wild Ophelia. Guys, these chocolates have the most amazing flavors, not even kidding. My favorite was the Beef Jerky chocolate. Yep. Amazing. I got to take some home and my son ate the entire bar. You could taste tiny little hints of beef jerky in it and it really did blend well. I’m still thinking about it.

beautyandbeerevent3 beerandbeautyevent2

I had such a good time and I’m happy to share it here with all of my 8 billion photos from the party. :)

I was not paid to blog about this event. All of these opinions are my own. 

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