Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Movie Night in Covina Park

On Tuesday nights in Covina Park there's movie night courtesy of Covina Parks and Rec  (I'm assuming this is just during the summer) and I've been meaning to go because it's a free thing to do! We finally got around last night to go and the park was playing Hotel Transylvania. Everyone dressed up in Halloween costumes and the kids got to trick or treat around all of the sponsored booths. Wyatt loved it so much, and I thought the whole Halloween theme was an awesome idea. There was halloween music and all the kids loved seeing each other in their costumes. They let some kids get on stage and Wyatt happened to be one of them. They all danced their little hearts out! I seriously cried seeing Wyatt dance. I don't know why I cry when I'm really happy, but I do. I'm a huge sap.

It was a nice evening and I hope to go again. If you're around the Covina area I really recommend Tuesday Movie Night! Heads up though, get there at 6 because you gotta snag your spot on the grass fast!

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