Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Take On Some Celebrity Fashion

The other night I turned on the ESPY awards for a bit - partly because nothing else was on, and partly because red carpet shows are fun for celebrity-watching - and I have to say some of the fashion was pretty alarming. I suppose athletes and movie stars are known for testing limits, but a few of these looks would have looked more appropriate in my Comic Con article than on a red carpet. A few ridiculous outfits in particular stood out. As in, I just had to pause and gape for a second and wonder if I've been in a coma for a few years and missed out on the evolution of human style.

Some of those interesting highlights were:

Colin Kaepernick (yes, I had to look up the spelling) This young man got up to accept an award wearing what I first thought was an Iron Man costume, but turned out to be a suit. Red athletic shoes, BRIGHT blue pants, a BRIGHTER red jacket, a white shirt, and sunglasses indoors made up the outfit. I'm sure he's a perfectly wonderful athlete and deserved his honor, but this outfit was too distracting to let me focus on anything else!

Lebron James NBA fashion was actually a thing this year. I remember seeing a few headlines about different players sporting ridiculous outfits to interviews and things like that. Lebron James at the ESPY awards backed up the headlines. Actually, he reminded me a lot of Leo DiCaprio in "Django Unchained" … or at least, his suit did.

Also, more indoor sunglasses. I swear it must be a rule that celebrities have to do this. Those were just a few I felt compelled to point out, to see if I was the only one going crazy. There were some other ridiculous things on that red carpet as well… I think I saw green pants at one point… but oh, well. I suppose they have fun expressing themselves. I did notice a few beautiful looking people as well. Jennie Finch, the softball star, looked like a 77 Diamonds (visit website) model with a sparkling necklace atop a sparkling dress, and football player Adrian Peterson had a pretty classy suit.

 It's crazy how much fun it can be to check out how celebrities look at events like this. I've never really been one for the ESPYs, but truth be told the fashion side of things was every bit as interesting (and mind-blowing) as it is at the Oscars.


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