Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No Air Conditioning Life

Whew! Did you feel that? What a crazy heat wave that was. For the past few days we've been sweating our butts off and it honestly was totally disgusting. See, we're non-air conditioning users. Not because we want to be, but because we pretty much have to be. Last summer we learned the hard way that our little wall air conditioning box unit was not energy efficient. We'd desperately crank it trying to get our apartment cool, and no matter what, it never really got that cool. The upstairs was always blazing and our windows are too long/tall for little window units (plus they're not allowed here). And after all our best efforts, we got smacked with a huge 300 dollar utility bill. For 300 bucks, I expect to be freezing. Sure, that's not the worst bill for some people, but for us and our 900 square foot apartment, that was just not worth it. We turned off the air conditioning for the rest of the summer and just pushed through it. In all honesty, it wasn't so bad.

But now it's summer again and it's time to get adjusted to warmer temperatures. We've been spending time at the pool and we have our box fans blowing.

Do you use AC? Or are you like me and are too cheap to turn it on? I like to remind myself that people used to not have AC, and they suffered through hotter climates than I'm in right now. In fact, air conditioning has only been really popular in the last 15 years. It's become our standard now but it's really not necessary. Plus, not to get all hippy, but it's not natural and our bodies are meant to be able to adjust to different temperatures. Having an AC on all the time puts our bodies out of whack. AND WHAT ABOUT THE EARTH?!

That's not to say that I would never use AC. I'd probably have it cranked like crazy if I could afford to throw our money out the window just in hopes of never sweating, but this is not the case. I have to make myself feel better for being poor, so I'm taking the all natural route and acting like it's my real reason for sweating this summer.

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