Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pinterest fighting, it's a thing

The last few days I've really sunk to a new low...

I've been having an internet squabble with someone through Pinterest. Yes, that's right, despite how amazing Pinterest seems, it is possible to have words with someone through all of our favorite past time website. It all started with the lady being a judgey mom about a recipe that I said was toddler approved (what else is new, internet?) but then it quickly escalated to me sending her gifs of Housewives of Orange County eye rolls (because those ladies really know how to show how much they don't care- which is good because I'd like to convey that to this Pinterest troll despite that I probably do actually care). Every time I log into Pinterest I get a little bit excited to see if she's replied back, and she always does. My Pinterest jerk commenter usually comments something along the lines of how her job is to tell other moms when they're doing wrong (I swear she said that) and then I get crazy-mom defensive and look for an awesome gif and then tell her to please stop ruining Pinterest for me, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Isn't there a site out there already where she can state her opinions on my parenting? I swear I'm busy with other things and this shouldn't be taking up any of my time, but I can't help myself. I really try not to partake in stuff like this but I just... am? I've actually deleted the pin- WOMP WOMP.

Pinterest fighting is a whole new level of internet troll-dom. Isn't Pinterest just full of HAPPY? I mean, from what I see it's just ladies being all like, "I LOVE COCONUT OIL!" and "CHALKBOARDS AND CHEVRON ON EVERYTHING!". Trolling comments on a pin are a new thing to me. I probably shouldn't be surprised, right?

I'm so pleased to have indulged in your crazy, WORLD'S BEST MOM PINNER LADY.

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