Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We use illegal fireworks, do you?

I have to say that I think 4th of July in California is the best. I'm partial to the east coast for so many reasons, but California does it right, every time. EVERY. TIME. For starters, 4th of July is an all night affair. You'll hear fireworks well into the night, which I guess could probably be annoying, but whatever. If fireworks are illegal in your town? No problem! We'll shoot them off anyway. The entire block is in on it and regularly keeps watch for cops with you. It's all in the name of fun America, right?

Back home I always watched fireworks with the rest of the people in my small town and it was always nice, but such a pain in the ass when it was time to go home. Everyone jams into their car and drives out of the one and only exit. Here in SoCal so many people just shoot their illegal fireworks (probably from Mexico 'cause they always have the good stuff) off in their backyards. No fear of blowing up their hands. None. Got kids running around? A little bit of hot ember falling on your shirt never hurt nobody. Suck it up. (One of Josh's cousins literally burned a little hole in his shirt. He didn't notice until Wyatt pointed it out, "HEY FIRE!")

But really, I think 4th of July is wild out here and I love it. My kid loves it and I'm pretty sure he's spoiled now after spending two 4th of Julys in SoCal. How can you go back to watching a firework display a half a mile away... or would you rather literally be RIGHT UNDERNEATH, RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE FROM FALLING ASH?

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