Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chapter 10: You Will Run Out Of Diapers + a Giveaway!

You will run out of diapers. Yes, it will happen.
What no one tells you when you’re pregnant is that there will be a time when you run out of diapers. It will only happen when in the most inconvenient circumstances and it will suck, a lot. Just accept that it will happen. You will let your guard down once, forget to repack your diapers, or simply run out and it’ll be just plain horrific.
Once when my husband was deployed I decided that I desperately needed a haircut. I was pretty alone where we lived without any family or friends nearby for any babysitting needs. I decided that I would bring him with me and he’ll of course sit in his stroller and everything would be so perfect. HA! I’m an idiot. Of course my son did not want to sit in his stroller (so naïve of me) and of course he threw a fit. I’m pretty sure I just really wanted my haircut so badly that I was willing to deceive myself into thinking that this was going to go smoothly.
I asked the hair stylist if she wouldn’t mind if I held him in my lap for the cut. She was nice about it but I’m sure she wasn’t thrilled. That’s when I noticed that he pooped. It smelled awful. I was mortified that the poor girl cutting my hair would have to smell baby shit (there is no tip worth that), so I asked if we could take a break so I could change him. I took him out to the car because I thought I had a diaper in there. No diaper. No wipes. Nothing. Just poop, so much poop. I panicked. I had already undressed him and he was just lying there with a half off crap diaper. Do I put the diaper back on?! OH GOD THE HORROR. That’s when I decided to just go for it. I cleaned him up with some spare onesies and then made a makeshift diaper out of a clean onesie. I redressed him and hoped for the best. I chunked all the disgusting pooped on onesies (NOT WORTH IT) and went back inside.
We sat back down and I held my son for the cut. The stylist is cutting away… cutting, cutting… things are looking good! But what I don’t mention to her or anyone else is that my son is steady peeing on me. My lap is drenched, I’m sure the seat is wet. I just say nothing because I needed my haircut so much. I knew it was now or never and so I just sat through it all. After my stylist finished my cut, I got up and put Wyatt back in his stroller, paid, and left. My lap was totally drenched. Wyatt’s clothes were totally wet. I have no idea if anyone noticed but I knew there was nothing I could really do except leave with my hair half cut, and it would have stayed half cut until I came back the next day. So I just endured through it.
The moral of the story? Of course, yes, keep a good stock of diapers on hand. But it really won’t matter. Sometime or another a situation like this will happen to you. You will run out of diapers, you’re human. A very tired human. Trust me, there is no dignity in this. You will be a part of a special club. I might see you walking down the hall sometime, your pants will be wet with someone else’s pee, and I’ll just nod at you and grin. You’ll know that I know that you ran out of diapers.  

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