Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chili's Got Rid of Their Shanghai Wings

One of the saddest days of my life was when I discovered that Chili's Bar and Grill got rid of their Shanghai wings. Not even joking, those wings were pure delectable perfection. Why did they abruptly get rid of them?! They were sweet and tangy, with sesame seeds sprinkled all over. The wasabi dipping sauce that it came with was divine. Even those tasteless rice straws Chili's served alongside the wings in the basket were pretty awesome, I mean, just aesthetically... because let's be honest, no one really ate them. But whatever, screw you Chili's for getting rid of my favorite food item of all time. I miss you shanghai wings. It's been years but I'm still not over it. Pretty sure I mention how much I miss them every single time we eat at Chili's. 

Is there any food item that you loved but whatever the rude ass restaurant that served it got rid of it? Please share!

Also, this post is from my phone since we're moving and disconnected our Internet. Sorry world, this is what you get. Crap.

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