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Feeling good in your post-baby body

Feeling good in your post-baby body

Everyone who has ever been pregnant understands the pressures to return as quickly as possible to their pre-pregnancy shape (I felt that pressure but ate cheeseburgers for awhile). After all, if the celebrities can do it so quickly, we should be able to…right?
Wrong! While A-listers have a team of personal trainers and baby-sitters to help them return to their standard celebrity bodies, the average mom has far too much to do to even think about her body. Exhaustion and recovery means that most of us are still carrying our post-baby weight months and even years after giving birth.
Even though we all know that the pressure to lose weight is wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy after giving birth. If you feel better about the way you look, you’re happier and more confident in other aspects of life, so what can we do to feel great after birth?

(my post pregnancy body)

Getting back into a routine

While none of us have anywhere near the same amount of time to ourselves once we’re looking after a baby, I’ve found that a stolen five minutes in the morning can make a huge difference. Whether I’m leaving the house or simply staying in for the day, I always make sure I find the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise before facing the day.
Meanwhile, even taking the smallest amount of time to do gentle exercises either on a morning or an evening can help me feel that I’m making an active effort to keep healthy…even if I can’t seem to avoid the taco stands (eeeeep!).

Feeling a million dollars

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that many people were confused by the fact that UK royal Kate Middleton still had that bump straight after giving birth. It looks like not many know it, but that baby bump could be hanging around for a long time after baby has come (sad, stupid people).

It changes from woman to woman, but you’ll already love your bump by the time the little one is here. However, because that bump is still there for a while, I’d recommend nursing maternity wear.

Being able to look fabulous, proudly show off your post-baby bump and be able to nurse the little one whenever you need to is great! When there’s a formal event, just because you’re carrying a child doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous:

Sidekicks Women’s Foldable Ballet Flats – Overstock

Alessandra Maternity Dress – Tiffany Rose

Aquamarine and Diamond Accent Pendant – Zales

See? Don’t be afraid to treat yourself now and again! Get some new makeup, book a spa day – you deserve it!

Remembering what’s important

If you’re ever feeling down about your body, it’s essential to remember what an amazing journey you’ve been through! Our bodies have created and nurtured our wonderful babies into life, so who cares about a few extra pounds?!
With time you will return to your old body, I never thought it would happen but it did, so it’s really important not to beat yourself up about post-baby weight. After all, our bodies have just been through the miracle of birth and we're awesome. 

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