Monday, August 12, 2013

I want to go GLAMPING!

We talk about camping around here pretty much daily. I'm not exactly sure why we're obsessed, but we are. We've never gone camping as a family and Josh and I haven't even been since we were little kids. But, here we are, browsing REI and Dick's Sporting goods, fantasizing about expensive camping gear we can't afford. In all honesty, our camping dreams are a mix of glamping and roughening it up enough to unplug our iPhones and eat hotdogs over a fire. I think it's a healthy medium. We don't want to sleep in the dirt, we want a nice tent, and maybe some decent sleeping bags. But have you seen the prices of this crap? Is there a market for hiking and camping or what?! We can't afford to buy an amazing tent right now and we don't want to waste time buying a cheapo one either. This post is such first world problems. I'm whining about how I don't have the money to buy fancy camping gear from REI.


camping by irocksowhat featuring a sherpa hat
(just a wish list- no affiliate links)

Either way, I still want to go camping so, so bad. I want to start a fire, eat s'mores with my kid, sleep outside. I want to unplug from the world... It sounds so glorious. 

I'm thinking about scoping Craigslist looking for used tents. Is that a thing? Do people do that? Who needs sleeping bags? I'm sure a few comforters would do just fine. 

Have you ever gone camping on the cheap? What's your biggest camping hack? 

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