Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stuff Wyatt Says...

I know I'm obviously biased, but my kid says the funniest things.

+So, Wyatt's telling me all about how we had a macaroni and cheese fight when he was a baby the other day. He said he threw macaroni and cheese at my face and I didn't even get mad. He keeps asking  me if I remember that happening. (No, it never happened.)

+"Mom, these are my fast mode shoes because they have suction cups" - talking about the grips of his new Reebok running shoes from Finish Line. Thanks for the shoes Finish Line! 

+Wyatt told my boss that he had ringworm once. That wasn't at all embarrassing. 

+"We should buy money at the bank for 2 dollars! It's easy!"

+I asked Wyatt what he was doing and he said, "Talking to the invisible man. You know, God." I was like, "Oh okay, what were you talking about?" "I was talking to him about pizza."

+Conversation about where meat comes from-

+"Mom, Calliou is so stupid." "You're not allowed to say stupid but you're right. Calliou is stupid."

+The other day at the pool Wyatt told everyone, "MY MOM IS IN A BATHING SUIT". I guess he was really proud of it.

+I told Wyatt that God is everywhere. He asked me if God was on the walls, I replied, "I suppose so" and so he started punching the walls. What. The. Eff. Stop punching God, Wyatt!

+I told Wyatt I want to be paid anytime I have to make him a drink and so he's been paying me imaginary 5 dollars. I'm so pretend rich right now.

+This terrifying google search request...

+This amazing video of him dancing like a boss...

Disclosure: I was not paid to post about Finish Line, but Finish Line did send Wyatt a sweet new pair of kicks that we truly love.

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