Monday, August 26, 2013

We took a mini trip to Arizona

So last week we scoped out Phoenix to find a rental and we left sorta empty handed... I'm not even sure what's happening. We DID find a house, but getting into this rental has been time consuming. For one, we used a realtor group (which shall remain unnamed because there's no way I'm screwing this up for myself), but this group is very uncommunicative. We've had to jump through hoops to prove income (which for some reason they wouldn't accept my husband's GI Bill money? They literally don't understand our military financial situation, I guess it's unique but try telling that to all the other thousands of retired military families) (I had to get a certified letter from my boss stating I was transferring - CERTIFIED!?! Also my boss is on vacation in another state, so that was not awesome for either of us asking her to drop everything at the Nebraska state fair), and now we're waiting for them to verify our rental history; which is fine, but good grief it's taking a really long time. I called once and asked if/when they were going to do it and the girl on the phone said, "soon". So I guess I'm going to have to be the squeaky wheel or something. I get that these things take time but I've never experienced something like this take this long, and I've moved a lot. It doesn't help that I saw bad yelp reviews after using them, but they monopolize the area! This realtor group literally has almost 2k homes under them. I'm just frustrated because the house we found is so perfect, it's amazing. I can't share the details about it though because I won't be able to handle the embarrassment of getting excited about it and then being told NOPE for whatever reason.

So that's what's going on with finding a house. Oh, have I mentioned that we have to be out of our apartment by the 5th? I'm anxious. I'm also eating everything around me which is making things worse.

Arizona though! The drive from LA to Phoenix is a long one, but very scenic and beautiful. We stopped along the way a few times for bathroom breaks, snacks, and simply to show Wyatt how hot the desert was. He thought it was awesome, but I thought it was pure hell. I wonder how I'm going to handle the desert heat? I'm also worried that it'll simply be too hot to even go outside. I do think that I started to adjust a little bit, but not that much. Wahhhh.

Quartzite, Arizona - quartz literally everywhere! 
The view alongside the highway in Quartzite, Arizona and it was a blazing 110 degrees.

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