Monday, September 23, 2013

Nerding out with Sons of Anarchy

I pretty much love Sons of Anarchy. I mean, like really love it. I’m choosing to not watch this season that is currently airing because I want to watch it all in one big lazy sit on the couch for the entire day swoop, so please, do not spoil it for me! But, I would love to geek out for a minute and talk about my favorite characters now and past.  

If you don’t watch  Sons of Anarchy, visit this page right now to find out why you should!
(Attention, there COULD be spoilers in this. I dunno. I guess it depends on how much you’ve watched and stuff. But only read if you’re totally up to date with the show. THIS IS YOUR WARNING.)

1.     Jax Teller – (played by the glorious Charlie Hunnam who will also be playing Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out! How do you feel about that?) Jax is the modern day Prince Hamlet. He’s constantly desperate to find out the “truth” but with insane patience and always with a plan. I love that he’s always trying to do the right thing, but it usually involves violence.

2.     Gemma Teller Morrow – Queen Bitch. She rules everything. And if you think she’s not ruling everything, you’re wrong, because she is ruling everything. She may make you believe she’s not ruling, but that’s because she wants you to believe that, thus meaning that she’s ruling.

3.     Clay Morrow – Old Prez that needs to just go away. I hate this man. I think he’s so evil. I can’t wait till Jax squashes him one day. He pretty much will ruin your life but will pay/get someone else to do it.

4.     Tara Knowles – I love her. I would honestly just be her. For one, she’s probably the most amazing girl friend/wife ever for her ability to never nag or ask questions. How? This character is not real and could never be real. She’s a man’s dream. She gets super tough though and starts to dish it right back to Gemma, deservedly.

5.     Opie Winston – OMG. OMGGGGG. Opie. Why did you have to die Opie?!?!? You were the best. The absolute best. I literally mourned this character’s life for a few weeks after THAT episode. You know which one. It was the worst, right? How long did it take for you to get over it?

6.     Tig Trager – What a loveable pervert. I’m not mad about it.

7.     Bobbie Munson –He’d be a cool dude to chillax with. I seriously would love to kick back and just be buzzed with this guy. Doesn’t he seem so cool and chill? He’s also very concerned with doing the right thing and might possibly have the purest heart in the group.

8.     Juice Ortiz – Sensitive heart! Juice is the emotional one, no doubt. He’s easily driven by fear and emotions, but he’s super human. Honestly, I have no idea how he got in that club. He’s not as tough on the inside as the rest of them.

9.     Chibs Telford – I could listen to him talk all day! He has the best accent. His loyalties lie with Jax, literally no matter what.  Also, he’s got one gnarly face scar.

So, which of these are your favorite characters??? Do you watch Sons of Anarchy? Please say yes.

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