Sunday, September 15, 2013

We went to a wedding

I'm finally getting around to sharing these... last weekend we drove back to LA for my brother and sister in law's wedding. They actually eloped in Alaska but wanted to have a reception for the rest of the family, and so my creative sister in law created her dream reception. It was super nice and she did such a great job. Of course she had a dream team of friends and family to help her build everything up. My favorite highlight was all the Hawaiian touches (my brother in law's family is Hawaiian). The whole reception was in my mother in law's backyard in Covina and there was close to 100 people all back there. Everything really worked out perfectly and we had such a nice time. There was even a little ceremony for Steph and Jameson. So sweet. Don't think look so happy? They've been together since high school and even have two sons, but they still have that newlywed look to them. :)

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