Thursday, September 12, 2013

What if you can't afford pre-school?

We haven't enrolled Wyatt into pre-school for a number of reasons. For starters, preschool expensive. The cheapest I've found so far is about 75 bucks a week here and that's for 2 days a week at a half day each day (so 12 hours total), which I guess to some is a steal but I actually really don't think so. We were pretty poor most of the time in LA (which is why we moved to Arizona- to actually start saving some money...). My husband and I have a hard time forking up cash for preschool when IN MY OPINION, it's glorified daycare. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a wonderful thing to be able to send kids to preschool. I can see all the benefits of the social interaction and maybe learning things early, but if we're being honest here, and I mean really honest, it's all stuff you can teach them on your own. Yikes... don't hate me, I am not anti-preschool! 

I've looked into headstart but we make too much to qualify which is a real bummer because I know Wyatt would love to go to "school". So what does someone in the middle do? I'm honestly thinking that I will just homeschool him for his preschool years, and here's why...

Lots of kids used to and still do just start at Kindergarten, in fact, my husband did. He didn't go to preschool and I'm pretty sure he's a fully capable human being that is not regretting never going to preschool. I went to preschool and actually remember it really well. I remember playing in the sand box and building blocks... so pretty much I played for a few hours a day. I do have to mention that my preschool was free through the public school, and if it wasn't there's no way my mom would have even been able to send me. There's such a pressure from other parents to send kids to preschool, but I just don't understand why? I thought preschool was just sorta like daycare... it wasn't until having a toddler that I started hearing other parents say that you SHOULD send kids to preschool.

So homeschooling we shall do unless some situation arises where we have more money, I'm working out of the home, etc. (which could very well happen). Is anyone else in this weird situation? Am I just not researching this enough? I have to admit I feel pretty overwhelmed. I would actually love to send Wyatt to preschool because I know he would think it was super fun, but I just can't justify the cost compared to homeschooling him myself. There are plenty of programs/museums/community events in this city that I feel confident that he'll be okay.


Side note, there are simply not enough talented teachers to ensure the high-quality education that every child in America needs and deserves. Without substantial change, our nation will not be able to achieve sustained and meaningful improvement in student performance. 

Speaking of school, seriously check out the TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement. I've been reading through the site and I feel pretty strongly about teacher and student advancement. I think it's important if we all took some time to recognize what TAP is trying to do. Having an ALMOST school aged child is super scary and I want things to change. 

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