Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday at the Phoenix Zoo

Wyatt turned 4 a couple of days ago and I honestly can't even believe it. I was feeling really guilty about this particular birthday because we were away from our California family and Wyatt pretty much non-stopped talked about how he wanted his cousins and Mom-mom at his birthday. The days leading up to his birthday, he asked everyday if his cousin Kohen or Michael will be there and I'd feel like major shit having to tell him that no one could make it down. I know I'm not the only one in this situation, but it super sucked to have a kid who realized that he was getting jipped on his birthday. The worst.

So instead we tried to make it up to him the best we could. We spoiled him with gifts (and of course family sent gifts too, ((and we super appreciated it to those that did!!!))) and a trip to the zoo. Which was by the way, the best zoo I've been to in awhile. Phoenix zoo, you're on point! 

I'd say that Wyatt had a pretty good day. He said he loved being at the zoo and how everything was so awesome. The highlight of his day was getting a remote control car. He's been asking for one for months. +1 to me. 

(And yes, I made a box cake. -_- Mom of the year award goes to me.)

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