Monday, October 28, 2013

Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk 2013

This past weekend we went to downtown Phoenix's Zombie Walk. It was pretty fun and I'm glad we decided to check it out. I was really on the fence about going all day, but eventually we made it out there. 

Wyatt didn't dress up like a zombie, but instead he dressed as a pirate. I swear, that pirate costume has made an appearance so many times it's practically paid for itself. We let him bring some sort of plastic hatchet or something... so you can only imagine the testosterone pumping through him as he carried that thing around.

It was so cool to see adults and kids alike participating in the all the zombie fun. Isn't it funny how our society has this crazy fascination with zombies now? Wyatt was playing zombies even before I ever told him what a zombie was. I swear kids just know stuff now. I remember looking outside and watching him play zombie with his cousins one day, chasing each other, pretending they were dead. So disturbing. 

So how about you? Do you love zombie stuff? The Walking Dead? Cosplay stuff in general? I'm not into dressing up, but I'm definitely into zombie stuff. 

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