Friday, October 11, 2013

Free Target Fridays at The Phoenix Children's Museum

Did someone say, FREE? If I even get a whiff that something could be free, I thoroughly check it out. I am not rich, in fact, I'd say we try to do as many inexpensive things as we can due to this factor. I'm often scanning websites like yelp to find out about deals or cool things to do with kids that take a huge chunk of time (because it needs to be worth it!) and are fun. I found out about Target Fridays at the Phoenix Children's Museum pretty much about a week after moving to Phoenix. It seemed like a cool idea. Target sponsors the first friday of every month and you can visit the museum for free from the hours of 5-9pm. And so we went!

The Pros of Target Fridays-
-I potentially saved 33 dollars (11 dollars a ticket).
-The Phoenix Children's Museum is actually pretty amazing. It's the best children's museum I've ever been to. Wyatt pretty much lost his mind in there.
-The times worked well for me, but I can see this being a con for someone who had a child that went to bed a early.
-There is literally a million things to do! 

The Cons of Target Fridays-
-Preeeeetty packed. I mean, it was a little bit annoying at how packed it was. I roll with it though because it's the price you pay (get it?) when you try to find free things to do.
-In my one and only experience of going, there was a lot of bigger kids. Like, maybe too big? A lot of competitive crazy-ness. Lots of kids with a "ME ME ME" attitude. I'm okay with this though because it's a good life lesson for my only child who gets pretty much whatever he wants at home. I did have to tell a kid to back it up though after snatching one of the race cars from Wyatt after he sat waiting patiently for his turn (there's a cool exhibit where you can put a car on a race track and it rolls all around the room). If you're not easily uptight and can realize that kids are all a-holes, then you can handle the busy-ness of Target Fridays.
-You do have to wait in a long line outside of the building before they open the doors. It's advised you get there early (from yelp, and they were right) because it's a first come, first serve basis. Then it's sorta awkward because we all walk in at once, so it's a bit of a mad house for the first 20 minutes going to all of the exhibits, and the first ones in the front become a mad house.

But in all honesty, it was a really fun time and Wyatt didn't even notice any of the cons. The parents of course do. So just remember that your kid will love it and have a great time and won't see it with our over critical eyes. We probably did the entire museum in about 2.5 hours, which is a pretty big chunk of time. 

Have you ever been to the Phoenix Children's Museum? What do you think? Do you know of any other free things to do in Phoenix?

Also, if anyone knows anything about the news team/photographer that was at the museum please let me know! Wyatt was photographed a bunch of times and I'm wondering if he ended up in the newspaper or something...

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