Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Be Unpopular In Our Over Achiever World

We're all tired nowadays. Even those of us that don't have that much to do (if we're really being honest), but we're all still tired. But being tired is no excuse.

Here are some ways that will make you unpopular in this tired, over achiever world...
  • 1. You don't pin and execute every idea on your son's 4th birthday Pinterest board.
  • 2. You don't have the money to have a gluten allergy. What are your priorities? Electric bill or gluten free pizza?
  • 3. Speaking of allergies and expensive food in general, is this organic/free range?
  • 4. Handmade Christmas presents. Why buy something when you can make it for double the cost?
  • 5. You're a stay at home mom and you don't run a children's clothing etsy shop? I don't want to hear you complain.
  • 6. You buy the ready made cupcakes for your child's preschool party. There was no birthday hats. Not even napkins. Yeaaaaaah.
  • 7. One word that's not really a word - Lunchable. 
  • 8. Your family Christmas photo is taken with your iPhone. In front of a christmas tree. At the mall. 
  • 9. You drink out of mason jars because you actually just never bought proper glassware. And they're not mason jars, they're Prego sauce jars.
  • 10. Buying a halloween costume, the day before or the day of halloween. Screw it, I'm just gonna use eyeliner and connect my eyebrows and be Frida. 
  • 11. My personal favorite way to give gifts, Facebook "send a gift" option. Life couldn't be anymore convenient. 
  • 12. JUST painting your nails. No design? Not instagram worthy. 
  • 13. If you don't make your own gummy bears you're pretty much awful.
  • 14. Letting your kids actually EAT their halloween candy. 
And, in my under-achiever fashion, I don't feel like listing anymore and will now ask you to list your favorite over-achiever things you see people do.

(This is all a joke. If you are awesome and make all your own party favors and special cocktails themed after your favorite tv show, I actually commend you and think you're awesome... because I'm just not like that and I wish I was.)

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