Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our yard is hideous

We love our house in Phoenix. It's a perfect size, spacious actually... the rooms are clean, bright, shit- we even have granite countertops. Sorry for the extremely low standards, but that's like a really big deal for me. Our floors are all tile and I have never felt a house feel so clean in my life until moving here (I think it's because most carpet gets gross). 

When we first checked out this rental we were pretty pleased with what we saw, especially for the price. I won't lie and tell you that now that I live in Phoenix for a few months that I would have picked this area. I realize there are more desirable areas, but it is what it is... our area isn't bad, just a little more run down. The houses are all older and they all kind of look the same. My husband says it's a traditional Phoenix home, whatever that means (maybe because it's brick? A lot of homes here are brick or cinderblock). He grew up here and says all the houses used to (and some still do) look like ours. I don't mind it, but I wish we had more time to research the areas because I probably would have tried to get closer to downtown. Either way, I'm good with our choice. 

But the biggest pill for me to swallow is our incredibly ugly, neglected backyard. I mean, it's really ugly. Full of nothing but dirt and spiky goat heads, it's painful. Do not even DARE go out there without shoes on. I won't let Wyatt off the patio unless he has shoes on and I doubt he'd even want to. We both made the mistake of walking out there barefoot and yeah, never again. I don't know why we didn't notice, but there are random pieces of glass and nails and honestly, I'm pretty sure it was a war zone. There's remains of a pool house and a filled in pool too (:::sniff sniff::: but then again, my rent wouldn't be so cheap if I had a pool and pool house).

I don't think there's really anything I can do about not having grass, and honestly, I'm just renting and it's not worth the money and the effort. But my husband and I have plans of raking the entire backyard one of these days. This job will be hellish and long; our yard is gigantic. But I have visions of a fire pit and roasting marshmallows when the weather finally decides to get cold enough. I think I'm just going to kill off the random weeds we have now and embrace the dirt, Wyatt has anyway. His tractors are getting plenty of use these days. 

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