Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Taking your kid with you on a run

Today actually marks my 5th day of running... again. I'm pretty much starting all over from scratch and am slow and sluggish and it doesn't help that I'm carrying a lot more weight than before. But, I'm doing it and I'm already showing signs of getting better. Yesterday I shaved 10 seconds off both of my miles (I'm only running 2 miles right now... whew! Shit's hard). I am not dieting at all though. I need to stay away from diets for awhile. As I'm sure some of you have noticed, dieting for me equals being a complete psycho, then I quit, and then I get depressed. So no dieting. I'm just going to focus on running for right now and hopefully everything else will fall into place. I dunno. This is all new territory for me... 

Wyatt has showed some interest in running, so after my run last night I took him on a walk by himself. I asked him if he'd like to run and he of course was all about it. We ran a few blocks before he said his "legs were gonna break" but I thought that was great for my 4 year old either way. I once saw a family go on a run together at a park in D.C. and thought it was amazing. The mom was running with the daughter and the dad was running with the son, and it was so freaking perfect my husband and I sat on a park bench and just watched them all run laps together. I couldn't believe the kids were keeping up and actually doing it. I'd love for that to happen with Wyatt and me. I have no idea how you even get your kid to that point, but I guess you start from the bottom like anything else. I think teaching Wyatt how to run and have endurance would be an amazing gift. 

Also, last night was actually cool enough for hoodies! Thank you Arizona! 

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