Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thoughts on a Wednesday

A list of thoughts...

1. There is nothing that scares me more than thinking that I'm going to die someday and there's nothing I can do about it. The fear of dying gets worse and worse as I get older.

2. My body is feeling crazy because fall is not REALLY here in Phoenix. I mean, 95 is not fall weather. Sorry Phoenix, you're doing it wrong.

3. I could not get it together or get anyone to come and visit for Wyatt's birthday next week. Driving to California is sorta out of the question with our schedules and stuff, but it's a bad time for everyone else. This child has asked me for his friends for his birthday. I feel like utter shit.

4. Wyatt starts a preschool class 2 times a week held at the rec center down the street. I'm very, very happy and excited about this. I hope this fills the kid void that he's been feeling since we've moved.

5. Speaking of kids... where are they? Every time we go to the park there isn't a freaking kid in sight. Wyatt runs up to the park and then immediately turns around and asks me, "WHERE'S THE KIDS MAMA?" and I have no idea. Do people not take their kids to the park here? In California, almost at any given time there are kids playing in the parks.

6. I have given up cream in my coffee. Wah. On day 3 of that.

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