Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dumpster Dining for your food, would you?

I am a dumpster diver. Gross? Maybe. I usually just dive for discarded furniture, toys, or just general things that are being thrown away unnecessarily. I have to admit my real motivation is because it's free. I don't actually need some of the things I pick up, but it's there and HEY, I need it now that I've seen that it's being thrown away. I have actually furnished most of my home with furniture that was discarded on the side of the road or out in alleys by the dumpster. The kitchen table that I'm writing this post from is literally from the dumpster. My couch was discarded for trash day about 5 years ago and me and 3 other friends all helped carry it down the street. I'm not telling you all of this to gloat, I just really feel passionate about re-using old crap that people don't want and don't feel like donating.

As a teenager I would dumpster dive for clothes. My best friend and I would hit up this dumpster that was notorious for clothes and we'd find the most amazing things. Back then we were just doing it to be "cool" (I don't know in what world we thought digging through a dumpster at 15 was cool but I guess in our little circle it was), but I guess dumpster diving just stuck with me through the years.

But what other things would you dumpster dive for? How about your food? I've been reading a little bit about dumpster DINING. I am very intrigued. I have actually never dumpster dived for food before, mostly because I used to think it would be utterly disgusting, but I believe that whole notion is actually wrong. There's this whole movement of people called "Freegans" and they pretty much devote their lives to being free and eating free and living free. They like to be money-free, which is fine and all but I have a house and bills and smart phone and I'm not about to live my life "money free" (even though that might be a secret obsession of mine, but let's be real here folks...).

The more I think about dumpster dining the more I think it could be amazingly awesome. I started looking at youtube videos of people actually doing it. It's all normal people who saw the potential of wasted food literally being thrown away. See, those that dumpster dine do their thing outside of grocery stores and they've totally discovered that food is being thrown away that is simply not rotten. And more often than not, the food isn't even expired yet. I dunno about you, but I eat foods past the expiration date all the time because it's simply not bad yet. Grocery stores follow a different code obviously, and so they are forced to trash foods that most of us would not consider bad- and that's where dumpster dining comes in. People are swooping in and grabbing this stuff up. So far I've seen most of the discarded food being produce and baked goods, but sometimes it's even packaged goods as well.

All from dumpster diving.

I talked to my husband about it because I was wondering what he thought and he's absolutely disgusted by the idea, so I doubt I'll be dumpster dining anytime soon, but would you? Do you think it's totally vile or would you consider it? Have you dumpster dined? No judgements here! I'm actually really curious and would love to see what is actually being thrown away. I know that if I saw a perfectly good bag of apples I wouldn't be able to pass them up.

I think the bottom line here is, no matter what you think about diving in a dumpster, we waste too much food.

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