Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I was sitting outside the patio and then this thought suddenly hits me: How are you going to prepare for a wedding these days? Being married for 9 years now, I want to rekindle the feeling of excitement when you talk of the preparations of the wedding. I suppose I’m just being curious as to how can an average woman plan for her wedding in these times as compare to what I had before. Will it be harder like it use to or will it still be the same as usual? Well to those who are about to embark on their own wedding planning on their way to the big day, I took the liberty of doing a little bit of research and I’m going to share to you the essentials that you need to pull off a great wedding this 2013.

1. Wedding dresses – Your gown is of utmost importance as this is your outfit for the entire ceremony. It should be fitting that you get a classy looking gown that’s right on the style and right on the budget as well. For this reason, I recommend the green guide. I was refered to this site when one of my friends was looking for a bridesmaid dress on the web. And so far, I am very impressed on the designs they are offering and I suggest you check the wedding gowns from them.

2. Decorations – Another element that brings life to the wedding are the themes and decorations. Coordinate with your chief bridesmaid and inform her about your preference in this area of your wedding. You can also check out the knot so that you will be able to gain more ideas on your wedding decorations.
3. Food and refreshments – While there are so many way you can acquire the food and drinks for the reception, you can also employ this idea to have a unique approach in the celebration: Instead of acquiring catering services and ordering the wines from other sources, try to visit a local farm and winery (and even your local bakery for your wedding cake) and check out what they can offer to you. Order what you need from these markets and you’ll be able to save a great deal of money and will save you the hassle of worrying about the delivery of these stuffs at your wedding day.
4. Photography – Another element that brings back the good memories is the photos of your wedding. Hire a great photographer to capture the great moments at your matrimony. I highly recommend that you check out this company for your needs in photography: Esquire photography. Don’t fail to check them out if you want to keep awesome pictures of you special day.
And that’s about it. Surely I had a great time doing this post because it brought back that old feeling like the one I felt when I did my own wedding planning. Hopefully, I was able to shed some light in your wedding preparations in my own little way and follow these tips to your own benefit.

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