Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Skiing is good for you- 10 Things I miss about WINTER

I live in Phoenix. I'm pretty new here but I'd say I've already acclimated to the weather. Today was around 85... in November. I've lost all concept of seasons and time. I forget it's the holiday season and I feel like I've just been in one long summer. It's bizarre. I never thought I'd ever say that I miss winter, but I do. I even miss Alaska (where I lived for 2 years!) because I actually miss snow. You know, that stuff that I said for years that I never wanted to see again. Now I'm wishing my dirt backyard had some pretty snow in it.

Here's my list of 10 things that I miss about beloved winter-

1. Skiing. Yeah, Skiing. Sources suggest you burn up to 3000 calories in a single day skiing. Skiing works a lot of different muscle groups, meaning you can expect to tone your calves, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Also, you look hella hot in your ski suit and you're totally not cold because of said ski suit and how much you're moving on the slopes. Also, hot chocolate in the ski lodge.

2. Not having to worry about stupid tan lines. Which I do here. Who wants farmer's tan arms?

3. Blankets, throws, comforters... All the snuggly things. I guess I could still use them, but I'll probably pass out and die underneath them.

4. Not shaving. You cold weather chicks are so lucky!

5. Drinking coffee without breaking out in a sweat. I'm not a fan of ice coffee and love a cup of nice hot coffee. Sometimes I drink my cup outside for awhile but then I get all sweaty and feel gross. I want to drink coffee, wrapped in a blanket, freezing my ass off... and then go skiing?

6. I miss winter because I'm sick of hearing myself and everyone else around me talk about how hot it is.

7. Clothes that cover your body. You know, comfort clothes. Clothes that you don't have to suck in while you wear them. Clothes that are warm and forgiving. Clothes that forgive me for the apple pie I'm about to indulge in.

8. The holidays legit look better/feel better when it's cold outside. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a dried out palm tree in your backyard.

9. Wyatt's experienced snow only a handful of times and he can't even remember them. :::sniff sniff::: I'd love to see how much fun Wyatt would have with a big mound of snow.

10. I miss the feeling of the heat on full blast in your car, and the windows down. Am I the only one that loves the way that feels? When I was 19, every morning on my way to work at around 5:30 am, I would blast my heat and have the windows down- all while drinking a cup of hot mocha from Wawa (if you know what Wawa is, you're awesome).

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