Sunday, December 29, 2013

Downloadable Rude Cards

Download these rude cards. Where can you put them? I've compiled a list of possible options, but honestly, skies the limit.

1. On a brown nosing co-worker's desk.
2. On the car of the douche bag who parks in your parking spot at your apartment/in front of your drive way.
3. In your nosey jerk face neighbor's mailbox who complains if you leave your trashcans out.
4. To anyone who is rude to anyone in the service industry (I would recommend keeping these cards on hand in your wallet or purse for situations like these).
5. Hand one of these cards to a sibling who is spoiled and still gets whatever they want.
6. To any customers that think they are remotely better than you in anyway. 
7. Hang one of these up in your home to keep it real with yourself. 
8. And of course these will help you greatly when someone takes up two parking spaces because their car is very, very precious. 

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