Friday, December 20, 2013

Tweenagers are the worst

Since it's the holidays, I just recently revisited this awesome throwback photo of my siblings and I from a family Christmas party from loooooooong ago. I think I'm probably 10 in this photo, and boy is it awkward (i'm the gigantic one). At the time I was such a tweener, wanting to desperately be a teenager so bad. My poor step mom slaved to make these matching outfits for us all and I'm sure she spent a lot of time on them. She always tried to make sure we looked nice for pictures and had us coordinate and all that jazz. I was such a little diva and I DID NOT want to wear this. I did not want to match my sisters and baby brother, I remember specifically being pretty pissed that I had to wear a dress and not a skirt like my younger sister Sam. Around this time I was wearing Jnco jeans, listening to KoRn, and of course had posters of whatever cool rocker dude all over my walls. So basically I was the most legit 10 year old ever (not- but you couldn't have told me anything else). The thought of matching and wearing a dress was the worst thing ever. I had such a terrible attitude about wearing this dress. It signified being a child to the 5000th degree and I wanted to literally die. My poor step mom. Sorry Jennifer! 

Tweens/teens are the worst. 

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