Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Friends with everyone

I'm always extremely proud when I watch Wyatt play on the playground. He always gets right in there and plays along with other kids. He's not shy and will go up to any kid and ask to play. This is something I've encouraged him to do, even if it ends up falling apart in his face sometimes. Whenever he's discouraged over a kid not wanting to play, I tell him it's okay and to ask another kid to play (I realize there are plenty of reasons as to why a kid might not want to play with him). 

Wyatt's turned into such a social butterfly. He's able to play with all kids and I think he genuinely finds something fun in everyone. This kid is so much like me it's crazy. I wouldn't exactly say I'm friends with EVERYONE, but I definitely can make friends in the craziest places and I find myself having things in common with random strangers on the street. It's weird seeing another human with so much of myself in him. Genetics and personalities are weird. 

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