Sunday, January 12, 2014

I was fired.

I was fired a couple days ago.

I was working at a call center doing troubleshooting/customer service for a national cell phone provider. I took the job understanding that there would be a NO tolerance to any attendance issues- meaning if you don't show up to work you're fired. That was fine with me since I wasn't a late person, nor do I get sick very often (I haven't been sick in almost 2 years). Of course I got the flu last week because that's how life is- but I was determined to keep my job so I went to work anyway. I puked 3 times before I finally told my supervisor that I couldn't do it anymore and I had to go home. I was super anxious about throwing up while on the phone with a customer, and I was having way too many close calls. My supervisor told me that he can't force me to stay and that I ultimately make the decision (my job micromanages your every second, so the fact that I wasn't on the phone to have this conversation was probably making my supervisor distressed). He also instructed me to call our sick line and see what they thought since he said, "he doesn't make the rules".

I called the sick line and explained that I was a new hire, the operator told me that they don't expect me to stay at work if I'm throwing up. Okay, great. So I went home and slept for 10 hours completely oblivious to any sort of reprimand that might be coming my way. I woke up feeling so much better and even went to work the next day (despite my pukey morning before work). Everything was fine. No one questioned my absence and I got through another work day.

2 days later from the day that I went home early I got a call before work telling me my "assignment has ended". My job had fired me for not meeting the attendance policy. I was so confused and asked why but it was explained to me that there was a strict policy in place for a reason. When I asked what was I supposed to do if I was throwing up, no one had an answer. I hung up with them and sat around in disbelief for a few minutes before it dawned on me that I was out of my 30 day probation with this company. This meant that I was out of the strictness of the attendance policy and I could afford to miss a day. I tried calling and emailing my job reminding them of this fact but no one will return/answer my emails. Unfortunately I live in an At Will state so that means I can be fired for anything or nothing at all. Even if I wasn't breaking policy they can still technically fire me for anything and there's nothing I can do about it.

So no one gives a shit. I needed that job and I can't really afford to lose it. No one will answer my calls/emails and now I'm screwed. I've spent the last 3 days looking for something else and I feel extremely stressed. I'm pretty hurt that someone could completely just throw me away after a month of training and working- what was the point? How can a company treat their employees like this? Sure, I know I'm better off, but that doesn't mean I didn't need that job.

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