Monday, January 13, 2014

The most magical detangling brush in all the land

This is not a sponsored post, but more or less a public service announcement for anyone with extremely tangled hair (like myself). Brushing my hair is such an ordeal, and honestly, extremely painful. I usually have to park my ass somewhere and lightly brush the rat's nest that my hair has become at the nape of my neck. I brush everything slowly, and try to keep all those hairs from pulling my skin. Ugh. So painful. But all of that is over now that I found the brush from the GODS. It's the Tangle Teezer and somehow this brush magically detangles and brushes through my hair with zero pain. Z E R O. I can run it through my hair from the top of my head all the way down to the tips with ease and no pain. I'm honestly clueless as to how it works but it's nothing short of magic. I've shared about this brush on instagram because I felt like it was my duty to share the news with anyone who has painful tangles or brushes someone's painful tangles. Without sounding totally douchey- this brush might have changed my life. Simply knowing that my morning routine is 90 percent less painful seriously makes my day. The best part is this brush is equally awesome on wet or dry hair. HOW DOES IT WORK PEOPLE? HOW!? I literally just don't know.

I bought this brush for 10 bucks at Target. Do you use this thing?

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