Thursday, January 16, 2014

Use InstaThis for printing out your iPhone art!

As a blogger (yikes, that sounded so douchey) I am asked pretty regularly to review products/stuff. Most of the time I politely decline because it either doesn't fit with my aesthetic or it's just really, really out there. It's okay and it doesn't bother me… but sometimes, you get an offer from a company that is just so cool and you're so very genuinely excited, that you find yourself thinking that you're not worthy to even work with them. InstaThis contacted me to review their prints and after checking them out, I was so on board that I started checking the mail incessantly out of anticipation for my prints.   

(not my photos but they're awesome nonetheless)

InstaThis asked me to send some of my iPhone photos to them so they can turn them into genuine works of art. Not gonna lie, I happen to love some of the photos I've taken with my iPhone. In fact, I'm regularly telling people how much I prefer my iPhone photos to my dslr photos. It's a new world I tell you! And it seems that InstaThis has figured out that there are a lot of iphoneographers out there who are looking to bring their iPhone art off of their phones. 

The quality of these prints are impeccable. I'm being totally serious. I happen to love my prints so much that I could punch a puppy right in it's stupid cute face (that's very serious for those of you that don't find puppy punching a big deal). 

InstaThis has 3 options- Aluminum, Wood, and Coasters. Everything is priced very fairly, and looks so crisp and clear. I also found hanging to be a breeze. Like seriously, I pulled the drill out and had everything hung in like 7 minutes. I have aluminum prints and there's a classy "shine" to them that makes them look expensive (but not). That totally sounded really stupid but I don't know how else to describe it. 

And the best part to me is InstaThis' goal of bringing art off of our social media's and onto our walls. I've said this time and time again about how I'm genuinely scared for the future of photography and where will all these digital files go? I love that there is something traditional in having photos hung - our best shots made onto something we can physically keep forever as opposed to some nano memory card.  I encourage you guys to get your photos printed with InstaThis. The quality is so good you'd think my photos were taken with an actual camera. InstaThis would make an awesome gift for someone, too. 

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