Sunday, January 26, 2014

Win $125 to ARTtwo50 and get some cool art for your home!

(125 dollar gift card below! Keep reading to enter…)

I have weird issues with buying art. On one hand, I do happen to like stuff that I see in stores, but I also kind of can't stand that my living room is completely identical to most living rooms I see on instagram. I know it's kind of trivial, but it's a little bit annoying, and I'm sure it annoys you, too. Essentially, we all buy the same stuff, amiright? There's the Ikea rug, the Ikea pillows, and of course the Ikea artwork. Sure it's fine, but if you're looking for something original and different, I have a suggestion on where to look...

I was directed to the FREE ARTtwo50 app in the iTunes store and instantly fell in love. How it works is easy- you take a picture of your blank wall/space and then you're able to literally browse different art pieces in that space through the app. The advantage is that you'll be able to see what the art will look like in your home. So pretty much- convenient and awesome. This is really helpful for me because I don't have to commit to buying something, taking it home, and then realizing it really doesn't work. I also love that artists can submit their work to be purchased, and so you're supporting talented artists as well.

If you're still confused, I thought this video was really helpful…

And of course, there's a social media feature to the ARTtwo50 app, which of course, I find to be the absolute best part. You can actually share on Twitter and Facebook, asking friends what they think of the art you chose. This is great for those that might not be sure on their art choice and want some opinions from friends. This is a really cool way to still connect with friends.

Each piece has a details and bio page, so it makes shopping for art easy and informative. You can add different pieces to your cart, place your order, and then have your art delivered to your home- feeling totally confident that everything will look great.

Boom! Art on your wall that you love!

No iPad? No big deal. You can actually purchase art straight from Pinterest. I thought this was really cool. 

The cool people at ARTtwo50 would like to giveaway an 125 dollar gift card to the ARTtwo50 store to an IROCKSOWHAT reader! 

2 ways to enter!

1. Download ARTtwo50 for the iPad and tell me who your favorite artist is! (sorry, only on the iPad! but don't worry, there are other ways to win).

Don't forget to comment below for each entry. Giveaway ends Friday!

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