Sunday, February 23, 2014

Holiday Inn - #ChangeYourView

We stayed in the most LEGIT Holiday Inn last month. I mean, it was out of this world nice. 

If you're ever in the Phoenix area and looking for a hotel near the air port, seriously check out the Holiday Inn at 1515 N 44th St in Phoenix. 

If you didn't know, Holiday Inn had a BILLION dollar refresh. Things are looking awesome these days. The billion dollar "Change Your View" campaign is the next step in Holiday Inn's attempt to reintroduce itself to visitors. The best ever welcome campaign hopes to change visitor's opinions on the long-time hotel brand, making it a more obvious choice for young families and millennials. I'm sure we've all stayed at a Holiday Inn at one time or another, and while it was a comfy bed and a cheap stay, it wasn't anything that you would call luxurious. After our stay last month, we felt like we stayed somewhere expensive! 

My favorite things from our stay-

-The beds were divine! We slept amazingly.
-Bathroom's were swanky! Deep Jacuzzi tub and showers as big as a room. 
-Starbucks in the lobby of the particular Holiday Inn we stayed at in on 44th street.
-HOT jacuzzi and heated pool. I can't say I was mad for swimming in January. 
-I loved the fire pits outside of the lobby. The tile was also heated for bare feet. Nice touch Holiday Inn, nice touch. ;)
-We watched as much HGTV as we could since we don't have cable at home. I never wanted to leave.

We were super pleased and now my kid asks if we can go stay at "the hotel" for the weekend. Holiday Inn might have created a monster. 

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