Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Best Instagrammers!

My absolute favorite Instagram accounts (in no particular order).

1. @mallorieowens - Mallorie is a Kansas photographer living in Alaska. I love following her because it reminds me so much of what it was like living in the last frontier. I miss AK a lot, and her photos are breathtaking.

2. @artfuldesperado Gabriel is someone I met at Alt summit a couple of years back. He's fucking hilarious and had us all cracking up. Not only all of this, but he's constantly traveling and sharing the coolest parts of the world. Although my favorite photos are usually the ones he takes at home in Canada.

3. @livylovestorun There is truly no one as motivating and inspirational to me as Livy. She's lost 100 lbs the old fashion way- eating right and running. It's absolutely amazing seeing her journey and it makes me feel extremely lazy. ;)

4. @ohjasonj Jason is a writer in LA that writes up crazy stories about the people he secretly photographs. It's crazy because the stories are always weird and funny/disturbing. You can count on his stories being completely off the wall.

5. @humansofny Probably the coolest ever. If you haven't heard of this photo project, get prepared to be sucked in.

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