Friday, March 21, 2014

I almost quit coffee

I'm not sure what I was thinking… maybe to be healthier? I don't know. In January I decided that I would quit coffee. I had so much anxiety over making this crazy life style change after everyday of my life for the last 4 years drinking copious amounts of coffee. But I did it and I actually switched to tea. My idea was that I could control the amount of creamer I was consuming by switching to tea, but then I feared that I would miss the caffeine too much. I love the ritual of coffee and found switching to tea not being so bad. It was almost the same ritual. I got up, drank some warm tea in my mug, and slowly prepared for my day. I was doing okay. In fact, this switch wasn't even hard.

Then one day I just actively sabotaged. I knew I didn't have to and that I didn't NEED coffee, but I did it anyway. I just felt like it, and so I did it. I went over a month of not drinking coffee to drinking it once a day again.

This time around I have controlled my coffee to an actual mug full (instead of the giant SOUP BOWL mug I was using). I've also switched to only 3 measured tablespoons of creamer instead of the giant creamer dump I was doing (my coffee was taupe). I feel like this is my happy medium.

I guess for me, the moral of this story is that I know I could quit if I really wanted to.

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