Thursday, March 20, 2014

What I love right now, and it's a lot.

Things that I'm loving in my life right now are-

1. My job. Having a purpose. Hell, even waking up at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for work. I used to sleep in (Wyatt and I would sleep till 10 or later!), be lazy, feel depressed because I had no real purpose from day to day. I never complain about getting up now and literally look forward to it everyday.

2. iphoneography is again something that I love. Especially being so busy, I love having the ability to snap pics quickly. Instagram is no doubt taking over blogging in so many ways. Companies aren't even looking at your blogs anymore and are now more concerned with your Instagram following (TRUST). This sucks for those that love to write, but maybe Instagram can still be a great platform for writers?

3. My hair is pretty much amazing lately. It's this crazy length and quite honestly the longest it's ever been. Although it takes me several minutes in brushing everyday, I'm still proud of it. I haven't cut my hair in over 2 years! I haven't colored it in that long either.

4. I keep a running conversation with my 2 sisters and brother on iMessage. We're all iPhone users so it's awesome and convenient having this dialogue going. We mostly just bullshit around, but it makes me feel like we're all connected. My sisters are in Virginia and my brother is in Illinois... I don't even know when we'll see each other again.

5. Being open about not being an Internet/Pinterest worthy parent. My kid eats processed foods, has the occasional sprite, and I forget to brush his teeth sometimes. I, of course, don't value these things, but admitting that these are things that happen and knowing that other parents are doing the same but maybe hiding in fear of judgement- gives me a freeing feeling knowing that I'm not hiding. I'm not even sure that last sentence makes sense. NO CARES.

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