Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who even needs a DSLR?

Ever since I got the iPhone 5c I've been even more psyched to take pictures. It's crazy how my iPhone has completely replaced my DSLR. I feel like this is the case for so many people nowadays.

I remember how anxious and excited I was to purchase my first "real" camera. I spent so much time researching and learning how to shoot in manual. I wasn't by any means a pro or anything, but I do think I started to really figure out and learn my camera. I did a couple jobs on the side for people; taking pictures of events and crap. Now, my camera is sitting on the fridge.

I keep meaning to pull it down and take photos, but I live in this world where we like to share in an instant and let's face it, the DSLR is a process. You take the photos, upload them, maybe edit, resize for uploading to wherever… and then the next thing you know your back hurts from being hunched over a computer for a few hours editing a few hundred photos down to handful that you love. I'm not giving up the camera process, but my iPhone is instant and so much more gratifying.

Plus, the biggest kicker is that the iPhone's camera quality is insane. Of course it's no DSLR, but if I have the right light, the details are out of this world. I've had a few landscape photos printed out in a large dimension and they look super great. In fact, some of my favorite photos I've ever taken have been with my iPhone.

How about you? Has your iPhone replaced your "real" camera?

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