Monday, May 12, 2014

Real Mother's Day

How funny is it that for Mother's Day we spend it with our kids? Before you think I'm an evil wench, hear me out-

For me right now, I have a whiney 4 year old. It's his age, I know. Despite how offended I get on a daily basis, I do try to not take it too personally. But nothing is more upsetting for me than to be told it's my "special day" while my kid whines about how he doesn't want to be or do or eat or whatever it is that we're going to do on Mother's Day. I know it's just this small time in my life, but good god it's exhausting. Not magical. Nope.

If anyone reads this and wants to give a mom of children under 6 a good Mother's Day, give her some cash and kick her the hell out of the house. Tell her not to come back until dark and she should eat, drink, and do whatever she wants. It's her special day, her break. That's a real Mother's Day.

(Also, I realize I talk about this every year, and you'd think I'd figure it out by now...)

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