Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Friend Will Not Tell You The Truth.


A friend will be by your side in a million ways than one. They'll be there during the birth of your child, they'll tell you when you're acting like a bitch, and they'll listen to your most appalling confessions. 

But do you know what a friend won't do?

A friend will never tell you your eyebrows are bad. In my experience, I've never had a friend that would tell me my eyebrows were over plucked, uneven, and just plain horrible. Why did all of these friends let me walk around like that? Why didn't anyone tell me? I remember suspecting my eyebrows were off when I saw them in pictures, I'd ask around and everyone would shrug. (For some reason I couldn't tell my eyebrows were insanely over plucked in the mirror, but a picture would make it painfully obvious).

That was a long time ago. Now I have my grown up eyebrows and I thought they were basically perfect. Im not gonna lie, I pretended to be modest to all the complimenters because I can't let anyone know that I know my eyebrows are basically better than everyone else's. That is, until I went to the Benefit bar.

The brow girl there explained to me that they were too far apart. She drew lines on my face with an eyebrow pencil to show me where these eyebrows were supposed to start and stop. I gasped.

Why didn't anyone tell me my eyebrows were far apart? I brought it up to my sister and she just replied with, "I always thought they were too far apart". What is it about me that makes people not want to tell me my eyebrows suck?

And so now they're growing and I'm filling them in more towards the middle and I KNOW they look better. My friends have a lot of explaining to do. I expect a few apology texts.

The Benefit brow girl is my only true friend.


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