Tuesday, July 29, 2014

He cannot be punished.

My little wannabe teenager has been getting in trouble lately. Nothing serious, but I have been having to lay the smack down which is usually just taking away technology. It's devastating for him for about 3 minutes until he realizes that it's no big deal. I caught him sneaking the tablet behind my back after being grounded from it for 3 days. He had one last day of punishment left and he knew it, but he went ahead and snuck the tablet anyway. I told him that I was adding an extra day since he was being sneaky and using it behind my back. He responded with, "Okay, that's not so bad."

So maybe grounding him from technology is not working as a form of punishment. I see soooo much of myself in him. It scares me because there was nothing that really worked in disciplining me either. I eventually learned to act like whatever punishment my parents gave me were awful so they thought I learned my lesson, but I was just acting in the way they wanted me to act - miserable, and I didn't learn a thing. They would even give me lighter punishments because my acting was on point. I was a conniving little brat and maybe this is my karma?

I think the problem is that Wyatt knows that punishments are temporary. He's learned it already. He's ahead of the game. 

What are some ways that you've been able to teach your kid right from wrong? How do you handle bad behavior with an almost 5 year old? Of course we have conversations with him, but it's important to me that he learns that actions have consequences. Except the consequences for him don't seem to matter. 

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