Friday, July 25, 2014

I have pink eye.

So much time keeps passing between my posts that when I think about updating my blog I think, what's the point? It's like skipping episodes of an action packed show and then having someone sort of explain what you missed (but really, my life isn't like an action packed show so that was a terrible analogy).

I realized that last week my kid had a minor case of pink eye and I just chocked it up to an eye cold. He had a slightly runny nose so it just made sense to me. His eye wasn't hurting him, although it was goopy. I kept cleaning it for him and now I have pink eye. Yaaaaaaay. I realize it's pink eye now because when I woke up my eye was sealed shut. Wyatt's pink eye went away and he's fine, but now I'm dealing with it. It's not a serious case or anything and I've been doing some homeopathic stuff to see if that'll work. If not then I guess I'll have to head to the doctor. I was surprised that Wyatt's went away on it's own, although I feel like a crappy mom for not even realizing he had pink eye. Oops.

(Posted on my Instagram - Did someone fart on my pillow?)

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