Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stay out of my uterus.

To be totally caught up on the SCOTUS ruling, please read this first.

My social media has been craaaaaazy with the latest ruling from SCOTUS. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts here on my blog because this ruling is important, and life changing. (Some points here are copied from comments on facebook)

I don't think I'm going to change anyone else's mind, but if I can sort of explain why some are upset and you have a better understanding as to why, then I'll feel like I did SOMETHING. From where I stand right now I think that birth control (all forms) should be covered (and be cost effective). I don't think it's a luxury elective medical treatment. It should be a staple. Saying a guy who can't get his dick up is more important than having an unwanted pregnancy and then raising that child for it's whole life is just silly. We're so over run by population in this world and condoms are just not full proof. It's pretty unfair that in the U.S. something like birth control or an abortion is so controversial, but then when someone does choose to have a child but needs government assistance because they simply cannot afford it (basically forced to have a child), they're slammed down by the far right. This is an example of the extremes on both sides. It's either one or the other. Birth control is cheaper than welfare.  

One of the the contraceptives not covered is the morning after pill, which is NOT an abortion pill. It's basically an extremely high dose of birth control. I think it's absolutely insane to not have this covered. I don't understand why some contraceptives are okay while others are not. 

The problem FOR ME, is the owners of these corporations believe that these types of birth control (an IUD, the morning after pill, etc.) are forms of abortion because they could prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus, even though the general scientific agreement is that these contraceptives are not the equivalent to an abortion (Information about some of these types of contraceptives that are in question. ). 

This is just an example of how a corporation can claim religious freedom for lots of things. What's next? It's debatable that using religious freedom as an excuse will not lead to other decisions on healthcare. I realize that this ruling was not on all birth control and that's awesome, but what's alarming is the birth control that's not covered has NOTHING to do with abortions which is Hobby Lobby's specific reasoning for not wanting to cover it. They believe that because it's against their christian values that their employees should not be offered these certain birth control forms, but for some people- these are extremely vital forms of birth control. 

The fact is that an IUD is not an abortion, and neither is a morning after pill. So what's the problem? To me, an IUD could be comparable to a vasectomy, if anything it's waaaaaay less evasive and much more cost effective (no surgery).

Another random point - apparently vasectomies and viagra are covered. I don't know why this isn't considered a double standard? Because it doesn't involve the uterus?

Okay guys, safe place. Feel free to discuss... (I've found in the past that political posts go kind of un-read, but if you feel so inclined, I do care to hear your educated opinions, even if we don't share the same opinion).

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