Friday, August 8, 2014

This is how people are using Sketchfactor

So there's this new app that came out today that everyone is talking about called Sketchfactor. Basically the app is meant for sharing where there's weird sketchy things in your area or an area you're planning on visiting. It's meant to be like a heads up for dangerous areas that you might want to avoid. Some people are saying this app is racist- I actually think it's not racist. Sketchfactor is supposedly against any sort of racial profiling (you can't mention race in your sketch sitings) and any examples of it will be deleted from the app. Since the app is open to EVERYONE to use, I have decided that I don't find it to be racist. I'm sure all races alike would like to know where there are drugs and crimes taking place.

Anyway, I've had a slow evening of Angry Orchard and lurkin' this new Sketchfactor app. I quickly discovered (to my amusement) that this app is very much not being used as it was intended. Now, in it's defense, it launched only today (I think?) and so there's probably time for it to have real submissions, but right now people are having a real go at reporting all of their pretend"sketchiness" around them. Here's examples of my favorite ones…


So, if you want a good laugh definitely check out the app. I actually hope it starts to work the way it was intended, but if it doesn't, oh well, it's hilarious.

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